WATCHDOG – 11th  June 2014

POPLA is the independent appeals service set up by the British Parking Association (BPA), who were obliged to offer an appeals process when registered keeper liability for alleged unpaid parking charges on private land was introduced. The same legislation – the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012(POFA) also made clamping of cars on private land illegal.

Last night’s episode of Watchdog had a short feature about private parking companies and some viewers’ experiences using POPLA (Parking on Private Land Appeals) or should say trying to use POPLA. The programme featured two of the smaller parking companies LPS (Local Parking Security Ltd) and Premier Parking Solutions and just two complaints and breaches of the code of practice which private parking companies are supposed to adhere to.

One featured a gentleman who had already appealed to POPLA but LPS still continued to pursue him for payment – this readily occurs with a number of parking companies and the parking ticket appeals service has experience in handling complaints of this nature.

Last year private parking company UKCPS issued false POPLA verification codes which instead of being 10 numerical digits included the letter P at the end. Needless to say UKCPS were forced to cancel those parking tickets for those who made a complaint and tried to appeal.

There are however many of the larger private parking companies who sometimes try and stall in issuing a POPLA code, sometimes stating that your first appeal was not an appeal. Others will try and offer a final reduced settlement offer to prevent you utilising the POPLA appeal process and getting the entire parking charge cancelled.  Usually in this instance it is because they know full well that they will not win a POPLA having read the first appeal, written on the legal aspects, which our appeals handlers are well versed in. Whilst Patrick Troy confirmed that about 30,000 parking charges have gone through POPLA, that is a small percentage of the 3 million parking tickets which are issued every year.

So why don’t more people use POPLA?

Many people simply pay the private parking charge – not realising there is now a genuine appeals system open to them. Firstly an appeal needs to be made to the parking company, such as Parking Eye, Excel or UKPC.

Your parking charge should be put on hold whilst the appeal is being considered. The POPLA 10 digit verification code is then supplied for the second stage of the appeals process to POPLA – the Parking on Private Land Appeals. The code is strictly time sensitive and is valid for only 28 days.

There have been instances where parking companies will backdate the code – making the time to appeal shorter or sometimes out of time.

Our staff are used to dealing with these complaints and getting them resolved – only recently an out of date POPLA code was supplied – the parking company concerned has now issued a valid code to submit the POPLA appeal.

Other people are simply still following out of date advice and ignoring parking charge notices (PCNs) – sadly especially in the case of Parking Eye, many motorists are now finding themselves issued with county court claim forms and having to defend themselves in court.



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